Fire Resistive Electrical Cables

  • April 03, 2023
  • Kevin Chand
ECS Electrical Cable Supply Ltd. is a proud supplier of Radix DuraLife® II Dual Rated CIC / CI cables...

And here's why:

Fire Resistive Electrical Cables

The Radix DuraLife® II Dual Rated CIC / CI cable is certified to the strict UL2196 Test for Fire Resistive Cables. This innovative solution offers two hours of operation for critical systems even in the event of a fire – and the dual-ratings design provides versatility when meeting safety code requirements for both in-conduit and free-air installations.

The Radix DuraLife® II Dual Rated CIC / CI is designed with safety and performance in mind. It features a conductor constructed from oxygen-free bare copper (OFHC), either solid or stranded, for reliable signal transmission. The insulation is made of a proprietary ceramifiable silicone rubber, providing superior electrical properties and the ability to withstand high temperatures. Colour-coded black and red leads are arranged in three twists per foot, and the jacket is made from a red low smoke/zero halogen FRPE with sequential footage markers for easy identification.

Providing vital protection for critical systems, Radix DuraLife® II Dual Rated CIC / CI cables are ideal for many settings, such as hospitals and healthcare facilities, high-rise and mixed-use buildings, universities, and college campuses, stadiums, casinos, places of assembly, and government facilities. The perfect fit for fire alarm and evac systems, smoke evacuation and control, fan and pressurization systems, strobes and notification appliances, area of refuge systems, and emergency lighting – this cable is a convenient, high-quality, and versatile solution.

For total peace of mind, look no further than DuraLife® II Dual Rated CIC/CI cables for guaranteed two-hour fire resistance. 

Fire Resistive Electrical Cables – CIC/CI Cables 

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