Fostering Tomorrow: ECS's Contribution to UBC Solar's Brightside Project

  • December 08, 2023
  • Alex Mohseni

Empowering the Next Generation

In a synergy of sustainable engineering and educational advancement, ECS, based in Richmond, BC, has partnered with UBC Solar, an engineering design team at the University of British Columbia. This collaboration supports UBC Solar’s ambitious "Brightside" project, a solar-powered car designed for the 2024 Formula Sun Grand Prix and the American Solar Challenge.

ECS's donation of Electronic and Cat5e wires and cables helped to power up the "Brightside '' project. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to innovation and sustainable engineering. UBC Solar's immersive learning environment emphasizes peer mentorship and critical analysis, aligning well with ECS's values of collaboration and innovation.

The "Brightside" project signifies two years of meticulous planning, leveraging UBC Solar's expertise from past competitions. Beyond being a car, it symbolizes UBC Solar's dedication to continuous improvement and groundbreaking innovation.

Angie Schwan, ECS's Richmond Branch Manager, expressed pride in supporting UBC Solar's vision. "ECS is proud to support UBC Solar in their ambitious Brightside project. We believe in empowering the next generation of engineers and innovators to push the boundaries of what is possible."

This collaboration between ECS and UBC Solar highlights the power of uniting industry leaders and educational institutions. It emphasizes the importance of fostering innovation and sustainable technology development, paving the way for future engineering pioneers.


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