Shawflex: Powering Victories Since Day One

  • May 01, 2024
  • Kevin Chand

As the hockey playoffs come to a thrilling conclusion, Shawflex stands as the final partner in our "Spark Joy" campaign. Just like the climactic moments of the playoffs, our collaboration with Shawflex brings everything together for a grand finale. This partnership is the perfect culmination of our campaign, emphasizing excellence, innovation, and the joy that comes from achieving great things together.


Hockey is a game of precision, strategy, and resilience. Shawflex embodies these qualities in the world of wire and cable manufacturing. With a legacy spanning over 60 years and a portfolio boasting upwards of 14,000 unique components, Shawflex is the go-to solution for custom and high-quality electrical needs. Whether you're tackling the demands of complex mining projects, shaping the future of EV infrastructure, or ensuring the safety of marine endeavors, Shawflex's tailored solutions have your back.


The Championship Team:


  • The All-Stars, CSA Teck 90 Cables: In hockey, it’s all about resilience and flexibility. Shawflex’s TECK90 cables bring these qualities to your projects, offering unparalleled durability and versatility.


  • Precision Playmaker, CSA ACIC Cables: Accurate controls and measurements are crucial. Like a skilled point player on the power play, these cables ensure your project’s success with unmatched precision and reliability.


  • The Tough Opponent, Marine and Shipboard Cables: The ocean is a tough opponent, but Shawflex’s marine and shipboard cables are tougher. Engineered for extreme conditions, these solutions ensure your maritime projects stay afloat and ahead of the game.


Why Shawflex and ECS?

Shawflex’s dedication to quality, combined with ECS’s expertise and service, creates an unbeatable team. Together, we’re not just helping our customers with their project needs; we’re creating memorable experiences that spark joy and power success.

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