Powering through the seasons with Service Wire

  • April 01, 2024
  • Kevin Chand


As the ice thaws and the thrill of playoff season approaches, ECS is excited to bring a power play into your projects with the return of “Spark Joy” and our partnership with Service Wire.

Powering Through the Seasons with Service Wire

Just as a hockey team relies on each member's strengths to win, your projects depend on quality and innovation. Service Wire stands out as an all-star teammate in the electrical industry, bringing unparalleled reliability and performance to any environment across Canada. 

ServicePLEX®: The Playmaker


Simplify and accelerate your setup with ServicePLEX®, the playmaker that knows how to bring everything together seamlessly. Its pre-fab twisted single conductors reduce installation time and material waste, making it the perfect assist for your project goals. With the ease of installation and reduced scrap, ServicePLEX® ensures that your projects glide smoothly from conception to completion, much like a well-executed power play. 

ServicePRO-X® RW & RWU90: The Top Defense


The ServicePRO-X® RW90 & RWU90, with its rugged XLPE insulation, is the defense of your project team—tough against environmental adversities and always ready to protect the integrity of your electrical installations. With no need for pulling lubricant and a full range of true colour conductors, it ensures that your electrical plays are both safe and efficient, letting you focus on scoring big with your clients 

Tray Cable: The Versatile Forward


Adaptability is crucial on the ice and in your projects. Tray Cable adapts to various conditions with ease, offering options for PVC, ServiceCPE®, and EnviroPLUS® LSZH jackets to meet the demands of any project environment. Like a forward who can switch between defense and attack, Tray Cable is ready for anything, ensuring your project goals are met with precision and resilience. 

The Flexibility of Bare Copper: The All-Around Team Player

Service Wire’s bare copper products are like the versatile forwards on a hockey team, adept at navigating through challenging plays with agility and precision. Whether solid, stranded, or tinned, these conductors ensure a steady and reliable performance under pressure, backed by a strategic inventory management system that keeps your project in play no matter the market conditions. Stay on top of your game with daily updates from Service Wire's Daily Copper Close

Gear Up for a Winning Season with ECS and Service Wire

This Spring, let’s channel the energy and teamwork of a thrilling hockey match into our projects. With ECS and Service Wire, you’re not just building systems; you're crafting winning experiences that spark joy and satisfaction. As we move forward into the season, let's keep the momentum going, embracing challenges with the same enthusiasm and teamwork displayed on the ice.

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