Multi-Cable Reels - Paralleling

  • December 15, 2021
  • Doug Downing
Paralleling is the process of spooling different wires onto the same reel or drum, conveniently allowing for a range of cable on a single reel. Multiple colours of the same size cable or even different cable sizes can be spooled all together. Electrical Contractors can order custom-cut lengths from multiple cable reels but have them spooled together as a single, custom, multi-cable reel. With a single pull, all wires can be installed at the same time – instead of going through the hassle of multiple pulls from different reels.
Contractors and installers save on cost and time through:
Lower shipping costs for fewer reels shipped
  • Less site space requirements for cable storage
  • Faster and easier installation
  • Less scrap and waste
  • A single empty reel to return for deposit
At ECS, we offer this service as an option from all our locations across Canada, delivering easier and lower installation costs directly to Electrical Contractors. We can also supply cost estimated savings and documents depending on the volume of cable purchased and installation process required.

Looking to compliment your parallel order? We offer additional products to save time and money on the job site:
  • EZ Reels/segmented reels
  • Installed pulling heads
  • Tagging lengths to match job request
Contact your nearest sales representative today for more information.

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