EZ Reel By ECS

  • December 15, 2021
  • Doug Downing
Most commercial and industrial contractors understand the struggle of getting larger cable reels into their location within a building to complete installation. Working with reels with heftier gauge sizes requires special handling because of the increased weight and inability to turn on the flanges. They are typically delivered to the job site on a pallet flipped on their side, with a forklift needed to reach the final unspooling location. Once positioned, they then need to be flipped back on their flanges and installed onto a rack. If a forklift is not available, a costly amount of time and manpower is your only other option.

At ECS, we offer a special cable reel option to simplify the moving and unspooling of large cable reels. Our EZ Reel is a unique, all-in-one solution that allows the reel to freely spin on its own. These spinning cable reels come shipped on a pallet (un-flipped on their flanges) so that one person can easily unpack and move them anywhere on the job site.

Incorporating an extra set of outer flanges, with bearings, attached to a standard wooden cable reel, they offer ‘spin-on-a-dime’ maneuverability. This makes hallways, corridors, and even elevators a breeze because the extra installation of racking is not required for unspooling at their dedicated location.

What you need to know:
  • The EZ Reel does not need to be purchased separately – available as an add-on option when purchasing the cable
  • Like wooden cable reels, a deposit may be required to ensure each spinning reel is returned undamaged for re-use
  • Compatible with any type or length of cable
  • Uncut, full cable reels directly from the manufacturer can also be used and easily moved around the job site (install the same cable at different locations)
  • Multiple cables and colours can be used to unspool in parallel simultaneously
  • Included wheel chocks lock the outer spinning reel flanges at any angle for almost instant unspooling
EZ Reel can be added to any larger gauge cable quote from any of our locations across Canada. Save time and money on sizable cable installations in a range of commercial and industrial applications.

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